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The Drivers

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"Big Brother" Leslie is a jack of all trades and definitely master of all too. Having a rich history of experience in all types of productions; corporate video, television commercials, movies, you name it. 
He is your  "Jack" that will hold the fort.
Leong Ju

Some say four eyes are better than two.


A resourceful Producer, LJ definitely has a keen eye (with his glasses) for figures so he will ensure your everyday dollar is stretched, well spent and not compromising on creative execution. 



Grace doesn't need a 1000 words to tell a picture. Every statement she makes brings out the flair in her writing and tells us the story behind the productions.


Clever with her words, she even produces her productions, giving each an emotive mood that only a good writer can express.


Always in his signature cap, KB has all his "out-of-the-box", quirky creative ideas his head especially for his TV and cinema productions.


An award-winning Director, he will always turn his thoughts to winning solutions.


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